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Somewhere in the swamps of New Jersey

Jersey's Best Dancers
3 September
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abrasive wheels, adrenanlin od, against me, agnostic front, alkaline trio, angelic upstarts, armalite, attitude, aus rotten, avail, bad brains, battery, billy bragg, bitter end, black flag, blacklisted, blink 182, blondie, blood for blood, bones brigade, brand new, breakdown, buddy holly, buzzcocks, catch 22, caustic christ, ceremony, cockney rejects, cocksparrer, colin of arabia, crime in stereo, cro-mags, crucial unit, crumbsuckers, dag nasty, david bowie, dead boys, dead kennedys, descendents, dillinger four, discharge, dri, elvis costello, fear, feist, flipper, from ashes rise, fucked up, fugazi, gang green, gogol bordello, government warning, h2o, hardskin, his hero is gone, horror show, hot rod circuit, hot water music, ignite, infest, iron boots, jawbox, jawbreaker, kate nash, kid dynamite, kill your idols, kraut, lifetime, like it or not, lily allen, lucero, madness, meltdown, millencolin, minor threat, modern life is war, morrissey, municipal waste, murphys law, nation of ulysses, new found glory, nikola sarcevic, none more black, operation ivy, outburst, paint it black, rambo, rancid, reach the sky, reagan youth, refused, rites of spring, ruiner, saves the day, seaweed, sheer terror, shook ones, simaryp, smoke or fire, soul control, stay gold, suicidal tendencies, sunny day real estate, talking heads, tear it up, tegan and sarah, the adolescents, the backup plan, the bouncing souls, the bruisers, the clash, the english beat, the ergs, the gaslight anthem, the loved ones, the mighty mighty bosstones, the misfits, the movielife, the pixies, the pogues, the police, the ramones, the smiths, the specials, the suicide file, the weakerthans, think i care, tilly and the wall, tragedy, trash talk, two man advantage, vision, warzone, wisdom in chains